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My current research obsession is centered around purses and pouches from the European Middle Ages, and the accompanying hardware and passementerie. It is my hope to not only study extant items but also learn via reconstructive experiments; these will be limited for the most part to the textile components, however in the future I hope to explore the production of the metal frames.

30 December 2008

Fingerloop braids

Working from Tak V Bowes Departed:

From left to right:
A Lace Bend Round (#25), A Broad Lace of 5 Loops (#1), A Broad Lace Chevron (#29), A Thin Lace of 5 Loops (#3), A Lace Endented (#18), A Lace Chain Broad (#27), An Endented Lace (#6), A Round Lace of 5 Loops (#2), A Lace Baston (#4)


Žabacorporation said...

I wish books like this one were sold at us:'-(
I can only use my Internet source - Fingerloop Braids.. Do you have any special plans with these laces (intended for a certain pouch) or are you just practicing?

Tristán Z. said...

I've known Lois Swales (half of the brains behind that site) for a few years now, she's partly responsible for starting me down the path of medieval fiber arts :-)

For now I'm just practicing the braids; some of them will get used for pouches down the line. I haven't really thought about the uses for most of them yet.