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My current research obsession is centered around purses and pouches from the European Middle Ages, and the accompanying hardware and passementerie. It is my hope to not only study extant items but also learn via reconstructive experiments; these will be limited for the most part to the textile components, however in the future I hope to explore the production of the metal frames.

03 September 2009

An email from the ether..?

This afternoon I received an email from a Dr. Anna Kyritsi about a 7-day "EU Grundtvig Workshop in Cyprus" on needlework and traditional 'female' art. It mentioned the possibility of a grant that would cover even the cost of travel. Naturally, I'm intrigued, and yet I have no idea how this email came to be in my inbox. It doesn't appear to have been forwarded by anyone whom I know, nor do I ever recall signing up for any such email notification. And it made it past my spam filter.

Do any of you fellow textile people know anything about this? The website is this: www.biolearning.eu


Peter said...

Hey Tristan

An acquaintance of mine had a similar offer, but from some other person in some other place. He posted it on the Company of Saynte George's mailinglist. I shall see if I still have it.

Peter said...

Found it. It's a person claiming to own a fencing manuscript, which he wants to exchange for information about and a translation of said manuscript.

He received it under circumstances similar to yours.

Lorenzo Petrucci said...

It appears to be either legit, or an exceptionally elaborate scam:


Racaire said...

Also got such an email but I deleted it - don't trust it because I don't know the person who sent it to me.