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My current research obsession is centered around purses and pouches from the European Middle Ages, and the accompanying hardware and passementerie. It is my hope to not only study extant items but also learn via reconstructive experiments; these will be limited for the most part to the textile components, however in the future I hope to explore the production of the metal frames.

06 May 2009

Excuses, excuses..

To my dear readers,

I know, I haven't posted anything in the last month. Life happens, as you all know. Currently I'm working on enjoying the remainder of my Czech adventure, since I'll be returning to the states in about 2 weeks. There, I'll be putting my nose to the grindstone to finish up undergrad - which I ungracefully abandoned two years ago. After that, who knows..?

This is by no means the end of Taschen (in fact I still have some pictures to share from Dresden, etc), but I'm just focusing on travel for now. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!