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My current research obsession is centered around purses and pouches from the European Middle Ages, and the accompanying hardware and passementerie. It is my hope to not only study extant items but also learn via reconstructive experiments; these will be limited for the most part to the textile components, however in the future I hope to explore the production of the metal frames.

19 November 2010

Hello, All

As you have probably assumed, I've been rather busy this semester. I've noticed that my number of "followers" has steadily increased in spite of my inactivity; I promise, more content is on the way!

Until then, I hope everyone is well, and finds joy in their own hobbies, interests, and pursuits!



Unknown said...

Hi! Do you know some good tutorial for those tassel knots (don't know the proper name)? I tried and can't find the right metod.

Cool Woodworking Projects said...

Which youtube channel would you recommend to watch and why?